What makes a luxury product worth paying for?

From the world’s finest cars to designer fashion pieces, luxury goods offer buyers something special that goes beyond their practical value. For many consumers, owning a high-end product is an investment in quality and style – something they can treasure (and show off) for years to come. But what makes these items so desirable? Why are luxury goods more expensive than their mass-market counterparts? And when is that price tag justifiable?

In this article, we explore the reasons why luxury products command such a high price. We’ll also be examining the role that celebrity endorsement can play in luxury marketing, and how finding the right brand ambassador can lend authenticity to a brand. Read on to discover all the elements that add up to a luxury brand – and read a little about our celebrity clients in the luxury sector, too.

What makes luxury products so expensive?

From exquisite fabrics and handcrafted detailing to premium features and limited availability, there are many elements that make luxury products worth the cost. Here are some of the key factors that affect the price of luxury products, with some examples from a few of the most popular luxury brands:


Luxury items often use high-quality materials such as cashmere, silk, and fine leathers which are more expensive than their mass-market counterparts. This is especially true for fashion items such as handbags or shoes. Gucci handbags, for instance, are made from high-quality Italian leathers such as durable full-grain leather or soft calfskin suede. These are materials which are considered the best in the world.


Most luxury goods are made by expert artisans and craftspeople who have honed their skills over many years. This level of detail and skill often requires long hours of work to create something truly unique – and this is reflected in the price. In the manufacture of Lamborghini cars, for example, many steps are meticulously carried out by hand instead of by machines, from the leather seat upholstery to the assembly of the engines.

Limited availability

Many luxury products are purposefully produced in limited quantities, making them more exclusive and desirable. As an example, Krug can only produce a limited number of bottles of their Grand Cuvée champagne each year. This rarity adds to the desirability of their product, meaning they can command higher prices. This effect only increases as vintage bottles become rarer.

Brand heritage

Luxury goods often come with a history of prestige, which helps to set them apart from other products on the market. This also adds to the desirability and exclusivity of the item. Patek watches, for instance, have a history dating back to 1839. Since then, Patek has patented a wide range of watchmaking inventions and have also made unique watches for royal figures.

Celebrity endorsements

Having a celebrity endorsing your product cannot be underestimated in luxury marketing. By associating a product with a celebrity, companies can create an aspirational brand image that appeals to consumers. Campaigns for high-end perfumes are a classic example – from Kiera Knightley and Lady Gaga to Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth, many A-list celebrities you can name have at some point signed a perfume endorsement contract.

Our line of talents in the luxury sector

Regarding celebrity endorsement, we represent a wide variety of celebrity talents here at DML Talent – from celebrity chefs to well known TV presenters and more. At DML, our clients are all experts in their field of work, and some are among the very best in the UK at what they do.  Using a celebrity of this calibre, who bring as much detail and care to their own work as luxury products represent, is a good and believable brand match.

In the luxury sector, authenticity is everything – and that’s not something that the average influencer can offer. Understanding luxury goods is about knowing the details, appreciating the experience and upholding the traditions of a brand. These are values that our clients know and practice instinctively. The endorsement of real, well-known experts enhances the authenticity of luxury brands, creating an image of credibility and trust that’s essential to high-end marketing.

Cherish Finden

Multi-award-winning pastry chef, Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals

Cherish Finden is a highly decorated pastry chef, best known for her role as a formidable judge on Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals. Cherish’s style of patisserie marries food with art, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in a dessert. Her attention to detail is famously second to none.

Cherish has been the Executive Pastry Chef at several high-end hotels, and has become famed for her exquisite afternoon teas. Her dedication to her craft, constant drive for perfection and fiery TV presence make her an ideal celebrity advertising partner for a luxury brand.

Spencer Metzger

Head Chef at The Ritz, BBC2’s Great British Menu Champion of Champions

Spencer Metzger is an award-winning chef who has wowed diners and judges alike with his modern British cooking. He’s the Head Chef of the famed Ritz hotel in London, and beat some of the UK’s best chefs to be crowned BBC2’s Great British Menu Champion of Champions 2022.

Spencer’s cooking style celebrates high-quality British ingredients and his flair for combining classic flavour combinations with modern techniques has seen him create truly remarkable dishes. Spencer’s passion, artistry and knowledge make him the perfect luxury brand ambassador.

Paul A Young

Master chocolatier

Paul A Young is an award-winning chocolatier with a unique and innovative approach to chocolate. His dedication to his craft and cutting-edge creativity have won him numerous awards including Outstanding British Chocolatier at the International Chocolate Awards. He is the author of The Joy of Chocolate: Recipes and Stories from the Wonderful World of the Cacao Bean.

A familiar face on television, Paul has appeared on a wide variety of shows such as Junior MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course, The Apprentice, Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds, Saturday Kitchen and Snackmasters. His luxury chocolates and bespoke chocolate masterpieces are as highly renowned as his chocolate classes. Paul’s renown, artistry and love for innovation make him an ideal partner for luxury brands associated with fine food and drink.

Luca Jones

Celebrity hairstylist

Luca Jones is a renowned hair stylist with an impressive celebrity client list. His notable works include styling Kylie Minogue’s dancing team, Jessie J, Alexandra Burke, Anastasia, Michelle Visage and numerous other stars on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Eurovision and Dancing on Ice. Luca’s style encourages fun self-expression with a luxury edge.

In 2020, Luca opened Kitch Hair – a pastel-coloured salon inspired by a 1950s kitchen – with his partner Scott Humphreys. This inclusive salon serves customers of all gender identities, with a price list based on hair length, time and products instead of gender. They strive to use high-quality, cruelty-free hair products made with natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients. With over two decades of experience in high-end hair, Luca is perfectly placed to give a competitive advantage to luxury personal care brands.

Sat Bains

Two Michelin-starred chef, Great British Menu

Sat Bains is a two Michelin-starred chef and proud Chef Patron of Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms in Nottingham. With a focus on championing Midlands produce and making the most of cutting-edge culinary techniques, Sat’s tasting menus are an unforgettable experience. His unique cooking style brought him particular attention in the 2007 series of Great British Menu. His recreation of the British classic, ham egg and peas, earned him a perfect ten score from all three judges – and a place at the final banquet.

Sat is a champion of sustainable practices, and his restaurant was awarded a Michelin Green Star in 2021, recognising gastronomy and sustainability. He is also committed to nurturing the next generation of chefs, and many proteges from his kitchen have gone on to earn Michelin stars of their own. Sat has also written a book about heart-healthy cooking: Eat to Your Heart’s Content. Sat’s passion for high-end cuisine, commitment to sustainability and recognition make him a great choice as an advertising partner for luxury food brands.

Why use celebrity endorsements – and how do they work?

Celebrity endorsements are a great way to develop brand value, increase brand awareness and reach a target audience particularly in the luxury industry, where authenticity and quality are everything. Choosing the right kind of celebrity ambassador creates an increased sense of trust in the product or service. Instinctively, people tend to trust a recommendation from someone they know and admire more than just an ad.

When hiring a celebrity endorser for products or services, it’s important to 1) make sure that their image aligns with the brand values, and 2) that their following is a reflection of the product’s desired customer base. This is something we focus on in our talent management process.

Here’s how our process for celebrity endorsements works:

  • Get in touch with us, telling us a bit about your brand, your marketing campaign and the talent you had in mind. If you can, specify what you’d like our client to do – post on their social media channels, appear in a TV advert, record a voiceover, attend a photoshoot.
  • We’ll liaise with our clients, checking availability and making other recommendations to you if needed.
  • We’ll finalise the details of the campaign together.
  • Our client’s endorsement should result in a more memorable marketing campaign and wider reach!

Hire expert celebrities for luxury marketing with DML Talent

Looking for celebrity branding for your luxury product or service? DML Talent management agency has a boutique portfolio of lifestyle and factual experts, presenters and celebrity chefs who can add real credibility to your brand. We have over 30 years of experience in managing talent, with a history of highly successful partnerships in traditional and digital advertising and brand ambassadorial roles.

If you’re looking to develop your brand image and deepen your authenticity, we can help. Get in touch with us today, and get familiar faces onto your social media platforms and into your marketing campaigns. We’ll liaise with you at every level of detail to help make the campaign a great success.



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