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Charlene Douglas is the UK’s leading Sex and Intimacy Expert and can be seen on the hugely popular Married at First Sight UK, Ch4 imparting her highly sort after knowledge and advice to the newlyweds.  She is also on screen relationship advisor on the hilarious Jon and Lucy’s Odd Couples, and has appeared on The Sex Clinic, Good Morning Britain, Steph’s Packed Lunch and TOWIE.

Charlene is an experienced sex therapy counsellor, relationship expert and life coach. Her ambition is to help others to enjoy the very essence of who they are and to experience a deeper level of intimacy with themselves and others.

Charlene runs her own private practice where she works with both individuals and couples to help them to learn, understand and develop a better, more fulfilling sexual relationship. Her work helps clients unpack what is happening in their mind and what is causing their body to respond the way it does to sex and intimacy.

Charlene has a passion for educating young people which was first realised whilst working for a youth organisation in 2010. She started teaching about healthy relationships and answering every possible question on sexual health thrown at her by the young people. This led her to embark on a career in counselling and coaching, with a particular focus on sex and relationships. Charlene went onto get her Psychodynamic counselling and Psychosexual qualifications and since then, she has specialised in working with women to help them connect with themselves and their partners, to understand and enjoy intimacy and to seek pleasure. She is an advocate for self-care, managing stress and anxiety, setting boundaries, communicating our needs clearly and prioritising self.  

She is passionate about making sex a less taboo subject to ensure people of all ages are educated on safe, consensual, pleasurable sex and healthy relationships. Through her media work Charlene hopes to encourage open communication between partners, work colleagues, friends and family.

Off screen and outside of her practice, Charlene regularly speaks as an expert at panel events, keynote speaking engagements and for corporate workshops. Her talks and discussions range from sharing her journey as a black woman running her own business, fostering healthy relationships at work and in our personal lives and running corporate sessions to support managers to foster an environment where their teams can thrive in the workplace.

Charlene has featured on many notable podcasts as an expert guest including Nearly Weds, Pressed BBC Sounds Podcast, Vicky Pattison: The Secret to, The Referral with Dr Karan, Things I Wish my Mum Told me and many more. 

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