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Stefan Gates is a hugely popular writer and TV presenter with a vast breadth of foodie knowledge and a confident, sparky presenting style. He’s renowned for his love of quirky culinary quests and extraordinary food adventures.

TV Presenting

Stefan Gates has written and presented 16 TV series, including the food science series Harvest (BBC2), Food Factory (BBC1) and E Numbers: An Edible Adventure (BBC2). His series Cooking in the Danger Zone (BBC2), covering global hunger and the politics of food, ran for three seasons. More recently, Stefan presented Secrets of Your Supermarket Food (Channel 5) lifting the lid on the growth, production and sale of supermarket food. His programmes are shown in over 50 countries around the world.

Stefan also made the acclaimed children’s’ food science shows Incredible Edibles and Gastronuts (CBBC). He has written and presented two popular BBC4 documentaries: Can Eating Insects Save the World? and Calves Heads and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food. Stefan is a regular panel guest on Channel 5’s The Jeremy Vine Show, and was a reporter on the series Travels with a Goat for Insight TV. Stefan has won numerous awards for his work as a television writer, BBC presenter and author.


Stefan has written eight books, including Fartology: The Extraordinary Science Behind the Humble Fart and Science You Can Eat: Putting what we Eat Under the Microscope. His two pet behaviour books, Catology and Dogology, both take a deep dive into the weird and wonderful science behind our furry friends.

In his latest book Rude Science: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Science No One Ever Talks About, Stefan reveals weird and wonderful facts about the bodily functions rarely talked about in polite company.

Live Presenting

Stefan performs live science shows at theatres, science festivals and schools all over the UK, with concepts such as Fartology, Weirdology, Rude Science, The Science of Sweets and his most popular long-running show The Gastronaut. Stefan’s live theatre shows explore all the strange and often hilariously revolting science, physics and biology lurking in everyday things. These incredible interactive and entertaining family science shows take the audience on a scientific adventure, jam-packed with experiments, explosions, demos, hacks, and myth busting facts.


Stefan studied English at Oxford University, then worked in feature film and TV comedy production by day, whilst cooking extraordinary food by night. One day, appalled at the timidity of British food writing, he started writing a book of food adventures to share with his friends, which brought him to the attention of the BBC. They offered him his first UK TV show, Full on Food (BBC2) in 2004. He is married to food photographer Georgia Glynn Smith. They have two children and live in North London.

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