Nicole Akong

Finalist on Great British Sewing Bee Fashion Designer House of Akong Designer of the Year Crafting

Nicole Akong is a visionary fashion designer, passionate maker and advocate of the ‘me made’ sewing movement. Nicole made her television debut in 2020 on BBC’s hit series The Great British Sewing Bee. Nicole’s individual style, bold colour choices and love for sewing shone through from the first episode. It was no surprise that she made it through to the final where she created a truly stunning ballgown complete with bright orange feathers for her finale piece.

Nicole first came to prominence in 2010 through her iconic jewellery collection AKONG. Her designs were bought by some of the world’s most renowned retailers, featured regularly in major fashion magazines, and famously worn by one of the world’s biggest fashion icons, Amal Clooney. Nicole’s work has been featured in Italian Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia UK and Marie Claire. Nicole was nominated as the New Designer of the Year in 2011 at the Fashion Awards in London.

Today, Nicole is taking her passion for making beyond the boundaries of jewellery. Having re-connected with her childhood love of sewing, her creations now combine her flair for embellishment with her love of clothing and accessories. In June 2020, Nicole announced the launch of HOUSE OF AKONG, a fashion house of the future, bringing Nicole’s innovative designs across jewellery and fashion to the creative world of crafting and DIY. Nicole’s mission is to democratise the world of designer fashion and to make her exclusive designs available not only to those who have the money to buy but also to those who prefer to DIY. 

Nicole has an engaged and loyal following across her social media channels who have been readily supporting her journey to realise her vision. Nicole is regularly running live Q&A sessions, bringing her audience along for the ride! Nicole is hosting regular online courses, workshops and tutorials alongside the HOUSE OF AKONG materials store. This will allow people to follow Nicole’s exact step-by-step construction process and re-create her amazing signature pieces for themselves at home.

Nicole grew up in Trinidad with her parents and siblings. Nicole went onto study at Florida International University where she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 1999, Nicole made the move to the UK where she embarked on very different career to where she is now – working in the finance industry. Nicole built her way up over 10 years to become a Senior Marketing Manager. It was at this point, Nicole became frustrated with her lack of creative outlet and began to realise her dream of starting her own business, making and creating beautiful things. Nicole now lives in London with her husband, three children and their dog Maxi.

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