Francesco Mattana

Italian Chef & Influencer Masterclass Host
Founder of 'Our Cooking Journey'

Francesco was born and raised on the island of Sardinia, in the south of Italy. Throughout his childhood, he spent most of his time outside with his grandfathers, one was a great fisherman and one was a farmer. He learnt the basics of traditional Italian cuisine from his mother and auntie and developed a keen interest in Italian cooking, outdoor cooking, bread making and a passion for sharing his knowledge.

Francesco has built a loyal following throughout his social media platforms, with over 420k followers followers across TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Here he shares his vast knowledge from his global experience, in hopes to inspire his followers to get cooking, whether they’re beginners or pros. Francesco is dedicated to educating people on authentic Italian cuisine, which he was lucky enough to grow up with, and hopes to pass on his enthusiasm and passion of the cuisine to many. He is also an advocate for eating sustainably and reducing food waste, which is something that he’s learnt from his Sardinian background and shares to his online community by encouraging them to cook with fresh produce and utilise the whole ingredients.

After Francesco left the army in 2013, he started his own cooking journey working as a chef in Italy, initially developing his skills with bread and pizza. Since then Francesco has worked in many restaurants around the world, particularly in  Australia and London, further honing his skills.

In 2015 at the age of 23, Francesco founded a small Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Brisbane, Australia, which was nominated  one of the top Italian restaurants in the city. Although he was proud of his achievements in Australia, Francesco could no longer ignore his desire to return to Europe to teach and to develop his knowledge of other cuisines. Upon his return to Europe in 2017, Francesco founded ‘Our Cooking Journey’, with the aim to help share his passion with the masses and to get creative outside of the professional kitchen.

In 2018, he turned to teaching full-time and was the Head Teaching Chef at Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School in London after working for some of the top cookery schools in the city. He has worked and collaborated with the Jamie Oliver Cookery School, Food at 52, Eataly – La Scuola, Emilia’s Pasta, The Pasta Academy run by Pasta Evangelists and Bread Ahead Baking school. Francesco’s charismatic personality and abundance of patience makes him a fantastic masterclass host and he often demonstrates his recipes to large crowds.

Francesco contributed recipes for the mental health & suicide prevention charity cookbook “Beder’s Kitchen” alongside many great chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Ottolenghi. Francesco recognises the importance of sharing mental health experiences to raise awareness.

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