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• Sports nutritionist
• PhD
• Biochemist
• BBC's Food: Truth or Scare

Dr Linia Patel is a leading dietitian and sports nutritionist, known for bringing her expertise and easy-to-understand advice to a wide range of television shows. Specialising in high-performance sports and women’s health, Linia is passionate about the powerful connection between how our bodies work and how we can be the best version of ourselves.

Linia has four degrees spanning nutritional science, biochemistry and epidemiology, and has over 100 published articles on diet and health. Linia takes a holistic approach to sports health and nutrition, treating everyone as an individual. By using a variety of methods – centered around one that suits them best – Linia helps her clients achieve their desired results in a healthy, sustainable way.

Linia is currently working on her first book, due out in 2024.

Television work

Linia is a trusted authority on many health-related topics, ranging from healthy eating and diet to diabetes and sports nutrition. Both on and off-screen, Linia has a unique skill in translating scientific nutrition principles into simple, practical advice. Her compelling presenting style, articulate manner and straightforward approach make her both a fantastic guest expert and TV presenter.

Linia’s numerous TV appearances as a presenter and nutrition expert include BBC2’s Food: Truth or Scare, BBC1’s Tomorrow’s Food and Rip Off Britain, ITV’s Save Money, Lose Weight and Channel 5’s Get a Holiday Body and Diet Secrets & How to Lose Weight.


Linia has a BSc degree in Biochemistry and Physiology, as well as a BSc Honours postgraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, both of which are from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In 2006, Linia graduated from Kings College London with an MSc in Human Nutrition (specialising in Public Nutrition and Sport Nutrition). Linia gained a PhD in Public Health & Epidemiology with a distinction at the University of Milan (2017 – 2020).

Professional career

Linia has extensive experience in a number of different nutrition-focused environments. She began her professional career working as a clinical dietitian in Cape Town. There, she also began providing sport-specific health nutritionist services to both recreational and elite-level athletes – sometimes entire sports teams.

Next, Linia came to King’s College London to embark on her Masters, going on to take up various public nutrition roles in East London. She then accepted a position as a sports dietitian at a leading London health and fitness consultancy, where she worked with a range of elite athletes.

Now, Linia has a clinical practice at Pure Sports Medicine, and runs her own nutrition and dietetic consultancy, Linia Patel Nutrition, where she offers one-to-one consultations and corporate wellness services. Being a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, she is regularly quoted in the national consumer and professional press. Linia’s strong science background and vast knowledge means she is able to respond quickly to breaking news stories, providing accurate background information and context.

Linia is affiliated with the following Health associations: the Health Professional Council, the British Dietetic Association (BDA), Sports Dietitians UK and the Nutrition Society.

Outside of work, Linia is a foodie and aspiring triathlete.

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