Hiring a Celebrity Speaker For Your Next Event

Whether you’re putting on a conference, a festival or any other event, choosing the right guest speakers is a surefire way to add credibility and interest to your lineup. But a celebrity speaker? Now that’s how you make your event truly memorable, too.

Celebrities don’t just draw a crowd. They’ll have the confidence and experience it takes to really engage with an audience – and they’ll bring that star quality which will make the event special and attract more attention. Choose a celebrity speaker who has specific expertise in your sector, and it’s a winning combination.

Plus, you don’t need to book an A-lister. Have a think about what your audience’s specific interests are, and the kind of media they’re watching. You can book great talks from expert TV presenters, entrepreneurs, psychologists, sustainability speakers and other experienced media personalities, all with interesting and personal stories to share – so think outside the box.

What can a keynote speaker add to my event?

Do you just want your event to be a way for people to pass the time? Or do you want your attendees to leave inspired, and challenged? This is the difference a good keynote speaker can make. A skilled speaker will bring both authenticity and industry-leading expertise, creating a truly impactful experience for your audience.

But a keynote talk isn’t just about entertainment value. Event organisers should also ensure the talk complements the overall theme of the event, strengthening its overall purpose. Think about why your attendees are there – what are they hoping to gain from your event? How can a talk add value to their experience?

Get it right, and a keynote talk will set the tone for the entire event, and help the audience engage with it positively. For example, it’s likely that attendees of a business conference will have more valuable interactions after a talk about effective, meaningful networking.

Why hire a celebrity speaker?

Simply put, people will be more interested in attending a talk by someone they recognise. Celebrity speakers will be able to draw a larger, more diverse audience than traditional speakers, and their presence will add credibility to the occasion. It’s a great way to create something truly memorable – and give your audience an extra special experience.

What’s more, celebrities are accustomed to the attention of a large crowd. As influential people who are comfortable in front of a camera, celebrity speakers will deliver high-quality talks that really engage your audience. They’re also likely to deal well with questions and other audience interactions, thanks to their media experience.

Types of speakers

Motivational speakers

The best motivational speakers have the ability to inspire their audience and help them develop a positive attitude towards specific topics. They can provide advice on how to reach goals or share stories about overcoming adversity, drawing upon their own life experiences.

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers are experts in their fields who give thought-provoking talks to set the tone for an event. Their talks should be carefully tailored to the theme of your event, and they should always leave the audience with something meaningful that resonates with them long after the talk is over.

Famous celebrity speakers

Famous celebrity speakers are well-known personalities who have achieved success in their given field. These speakers will draw larger crowds, as people are more likely to be interested in attending an event with a famous face. Famous speakers also bring added credibility to the occasion, and they often provide unique perspectives on topics due to their wealth of experience.

Event speakers

Event speakers will draw on their deep areas of knowledge to provide actionable expert advice and insights. They’re usually hired to address a specific topic or issue, and they have the power to engage an audience with their enthusiasm and expertise. Event speakers often have a unique viewpoint that is beneficial for attendees, as it can help them gain new perspectives.

After-dinner speakers

After-dinner speaking provides lighthearted entertainment and humour during the evening. This type of speaker should be able to entertain a diverse audience, whilst conveying the key message of your event in an engaging way. They can also help to energise the crowd if there’s a lull in proceedings.

Business speakers or business motivational speakers 

Business speakers are industry experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance to attendees. They often have a unique viewpoint on topics such as business acumen, strategy or leadership, and will also be able to answer questions about their area of expertise.

Our roster of celebrity speakers for hire

Dr Nighat Arif

Women’s health expert, TikTok medical influencer and resident GP on This Morning and BBC Breakfast

Dr Nighat Arif is a GP specialising in women’s health, family planning and menopause care, with over 15 years of experience working in the NHS. Nighat has a natural ability to connect with an audience, and after an immense amount of positive feedback, became the resident doctor on This Morning, BBC Breakfast and BBC LookEast.

Dr Nighat is an experienced communicator and has run many highly successful keynote talks, panel discussions and workshops. Some of her main topics include mental wellbeing, menopause, understanding endometriosis and looking after your physical health. Aside from practical health advice, Nighat has also given talks on women’s health inequalities and her life as a healthcare influencer.

Nighat has also appeared on BBC’s Food: Truth or Scare, and was a contributor to the Channel 4 documentary Davina McCall: Sex, Lies and the Menopause. Nighat has just written a new book, titled The Knowledge: Your guide to female health – from menstruation to the menopause.

Hamza Yassin

Wildlife photographer, CBeebies presenter and winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Many will recognise Hamza Yassin as the winner of the 2022 series of Strictly – but he’s a highly accomplished wildlife photographer and cameraman too. Hamza has worked on David Attenborough-narrated series The Hunt and Wild Isles, and has presented a variety of BBC and Channel 4 nature documentaries.

Hamza is a brilliant speaker with a warm, accessible style of presenting. Hamza’s talk is titled ‘Life Behind the Lens’ and covers his journey into wildlife photography – from living out of his car to working on his dream shoots across the world. From Antarctica to Africa – he’s covered it all!

Parents may know Hamza better as Ranger Hamza, from his work as the TV presenter of the hugely popular CBeebies show Let’s Go For A Walk, and more recently Ranger Hamza’s Eco Quest. He has just written his first book, Be a Birder: The joy of birdwatching and how to get started.

Nisha Katona MBE

TV chef and founder of Mowgli Street Food restaurants

Nisha Katona MBE is a true trailblazer. Since leaving behind a 20-year career as a barrister, she has become a highly successful restaurateur, cookbook author and TV chef. She is the CEO, executive chef and development chef of Mowgli Street Food restaurants, which are famed for their deliciously fresh, light Indian cooking. Mowgli currently has eighteen locations across the UK.

Nisha’s talks look back at her entrepreneurial journey to becoming a hugely successful restaurateur, after following her passion late in life. Nisha covers building an empire, creating jobs in a nourishing workplace, and giving back through charity initiatives and sustainability efforts. Nisha is a hugely charismatic, articulate and warm speaker with a wealth of experience.

Nisha is one of the judges for BBC’s Great British Menu, and has also judged on ITV’S Cooking with the Stars. She is a regular on ITV’s This Morning and has presented her own Channel 4 food travel series, ‘A Taste of Italy’. She has authored five cookbooks, the most recent of which is Meat Free Mowgli.

Sinead Fenton

Regenerative farmer and food equality advocate

Sinead Fenton is a passionate and engaging young farmer who runs a 4.5-acre smallholding in Arlington, East Sussex. Along with her partner Adam, Sinead grows edible flowers and organic vegetables in a way that encourages wildlife and promotes biodiversity.

Sinead’s talk follows her journey from growing up in the urban sprawl of London to becoming an organic farmer in Sussex – a move she made just days before the first Covid lockdown. In her engaging, fun and honest presenting style, Sinead explores her journey of growth and perseverance through the many challenges she encountered. Sinead is passionate about promoting growing and living sustainability, to build a better future for all.

Sinead’s inspiring journey was featured on BBC’s Countryfile in 2022. Sinead and her partner also featured on BBC’s Marcus Wareing’s Tales from a Kitchen Garden, in which they shared their expert knowledge on wildlife and edible flowers.

Oliver Heath

Sustainable architect, biophilic design expert and TV presenter

Architect and interior designer Oliver Heath specialises in connecting spaces to nature. As a global expert on biophilic design, Oliver is experienced in hosting talks on how to create happier, healthier places for people to live and work in.

Oliver has given fantastic talks on a variety of topics relating to biophilic design, sustainability and mental wellbeing in architecture. Titles include ‘Sustainable homes: saving energy and cutting costs’, ‘Designing for the senses to create inclusive spaces for all’ and ‘Regenerative design: going beyond sustainability to improve spaces for people and planet’.

Since 1998, Oliver has worked as a designer and presenter in numerous TV shows including BBC’s Home Front, BBC’s Changing Rooms, Channel 4’s House to Home, ITV’s Front of House and BBC’s DIY SOS. Oliver’s book, Design A Healthy Home: 100 Ways to Transform Your Space for Physical and Mental Wellbeing, was published in 2021.

Levi Roots

MOBO-nominated musician, founder of Reggae Reggae Condiments, Dragon Slayer and motivational speaker

Rastafarian musician Levi Roots is a true entrepreneurial success story. His appearance on Dragon’s Den in 2007 catapulted his rise to fame, where he secured funding from two of the Dragons with his presentation (which included a song). Levi’s Reggae Reggae sauce – a delicious mix of jerk and barbecue sauce – went on to become Sainsbury’s fastest-ever selling product.

Today, Levi Roots tours the country sharing his business success story at various events. He is passionate about inspiring young people and ex-offenders, giving speeches at many schools, universities and prisons every year. Levi tells his story in his trademark charismatic, motivational style – from selling his homemade sauce at Notting Hill Carnival to growing a multi-million-pound company. He often brings his iconic guitar for a jamming session afterwards!

Levi has many strings to his bow – before Dragon’s Den, he toured the world as a musician and was nominated for a MOBO award. Levi has also opened a restaurant, authored a business book and several cookbooks (the latest of which is Grill it with Levi) and is a regular face on TV. Levi is also a proud ambassador of The Prince’s Trust.

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