5 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills To Have

Digging deeper beneath the glitz and glam of owning your own business and entrepreneurship, it’s easy to see that long-term success is rooted in hard work and dedication. Our talent agency represents an impressive roster of inspiring individuals who have achieved their dreams through these traits, paving the way for other budding entrepreneurs.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs reach similar heights, we present 5 essential entrepreneurial skills; all guaranteed to increase your chances of attracting plenty of exciting business opportunities, as embodied by our famous entrepreneur talents at DML.

1. Stefan Gates – confidence

Best known as ‘The Gastronaut’, Stefan Gates is an extraordinary writer and presenter whose love for quirky culinary adventures has captivated audiences around the world. Having written and presented 16 different TV series across various channels (including gems such as Cooking in the Danger Zone on BBC2 and Secrets of Your Supermarket Food on Channel 5), he also performs live science shows around the UK, and has authored 8 books.

Confidence is key to Stefan’s success. His signature style is sparky, tongue-in-cheek, and self-assured, with an infectious enthusiasm for adventure and knowledge which has entertained  audiences across the country. His inspiring talks were subsequently  channelled into book deals; in an attempt to combat the timid nature of British food writing, Stefan’s book on gastronomic adventures led to his first TV series, Full on Food, which aired in 2004.

2. Ben Ebbrell – relatability

Although a professionally trained chef with a degree in Culinary Arts Management, Ben Ebbrell is best appreciated for his down-to-earth relatability. As co-founder and chef of Sorted Food, his mission is to find innovative but simple ways to turn people into talented home cooks by offering “no frills, no nonsense” recipes that are easy enough for anyone to try – regardless of their level or background. 

It’s this sense of relatability that has propelled him to be an entrepreneurial leader in food culture today, while actively contributing to and helping foster growth within the food community. Today, Sorted Food has grown to an empire of 2.69 million subscribers, with videos viewed over 900 million times and counting.

Ben is a multi-talented professional, appearing on TV shows (ITV’s Munch Box, CH4’s What’s Cooking) as well as at live food festivals (BBC Good Food Show). He has also published more than a dozen cookbooks and is a regular public speaker at industry events.

3. Verity Hardcastle – passion

Verity Hardcastle is an award-winning dog groomer and trainer driven by a passion for her craft. From a young age, Verity has been besotted with dogs and mindful of their welfare. She first ventured into the world of dog grooming and training by ‘showing’ her Doberman as a hobby, which eventually led her to train in that profession. Her career – especially her book, Happy Dog, Happy You – focuses particularly upon the importance of fostering a happy and healthy relationship with your dog.

The same passion propelled Verity into the world of television, leading her to a judging role on BBC1’s Pooch Perfect – a dog grooming competition – as well as an appearance on CH4’s Crufts Show. Alongside this, Verity also owns and operates an award-winning pet grooming business with courses for owners wishing to learn how best to groom their canine companions.

Although passion is not an entrepreneurial skill that can be learnt, it is an essential characteristic of any successful entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, it is Verity’s deep love for dogs that has given her an entrepreneurial edge, being the driving force behind her successes and allowing her to pursue a career that is both rewarding and successful.

4. Sat Bains – dedication

It’s certainly no secret that the greatest entrepreneurs are dedicated to their craft, and Sat Bains is no exception. With 2 Michelin stars under his belt and more than 34 years of expertise in the field, Sat began his career at the early age of 17 after passing his City and Guilds catering qualification. His commitment paid off with an incredible opportunity: winning a Roux Scholarship at age 28 that sent him to fine dining establishment Restaurant Le Jardin de Sens – boasting three Michelin stars at the time.

This dedication would continue to define his entrepreneurial success as Sat’s career continued to flourish. His distinctive culinary approach achieved a tremendous milestone when he was honoured with perfect 10/10 scores from each judge on the panel in 2007’s series of The Great British Menu.

It is also Sat’s dedication to sustainability that helps set him apart from other famous entrepreneurs. In 2021, he was awarded a Michelin Green Star for his efforts in eliminating waste and conserving the environment through his cooking. At his eponymous restaurant, he has introduced a closed-loop composting system, which turns any food waste into garden compost, with other environmentally friendly initiatives such as installing solar panels and using biodegradable cling film in the kitchen – further evidence of Sat’s commitment to creating sustainable solutions in cooking. 

Overall, Sat’s constant hunger for improvement and dedication to pushing the boundaries of gastronomy is an inspiring example showing that, with the right attitude, anything can be achieved.

5. Levi Roots – creativity

Creative thinking is a valuable skill for most entrepreneurs, allowing them to stand out from the competition. One shining example of this is Levi Roots – widely known today as the creator of Reggae Reggae Sauce – who first rose to fame in 1998 with his MOBO-nominated album Free Your Mind. His sauce reflects both its Rastafarian roots and musical flair; it was originally sold at the 1991 Notting Hill Carnival.

For Levi, the business opportunity that would change his life came in the form of a popular TV show, Dragons’ Den. The judges were immediately won over by Levi’s creative business pitch – which, fittingly, he sang. With an original song that sealed the deal, Levi’s business pitch captivated Dragons’ Den judges to help launch his entrepreneurial career with hugely successful business deals lined up. 

The arc of his impressive career has been defined by his creativity and originality, as well as taking risks; he has never been afraid to do things differently, and this philosophy is a fundamental characteristic of any entrepreneur looking for new business adventures.

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